Camper Van

Electrical Design

The design is pretty generic so aside from sizing and component specifics.

Camper van electrical design I’ve used simple diagrams to explain my camper van electrical design and circuits

Fitting camper van batteries I’ve fitted 2 x 115ah deep cycle gel campervan batteries under the passenger seat and they just about fit.

Using our campervan solar system to charge camper van batteries is increasing in popularity.

Solar power design

Alternator set up

Charging leisure batteries from the running engine is an efficient source of power. I had a couple of choices: split relay or a separate alternator.

Monitoring the camper van electrics

I want to know how much available power I have to use while I’m travelling and it’s especially important for living off-grid.

Camper van main battery output

I’ve put 3 fuses into this part of the camper van electrical design to simplify installation and give protection with the smallest fuses.

Camper van leisure battery output

The devices and utilities in the camper van all (mostly) draw their power from the leisure batteries.

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