Camper  Van 

Layout Design

Designing and building your own camper van is a huge job. Even if you plan to outsource to an up-fitter, you still need the final say on things.

Elements we needed to include in our camper van layout. With our lifestyle needs understood, we set about design the layout for the van.

Working & Dining When the weather demands indoor living, we still need to work on the blog, edit our photos and eat dinner.

Sleeping arrangements We had a fixed bed in Mowgli and can’t deny it was fab. We didn’t have to make the bed up every night or in the afternoon when the heat demands a siesta.

Onboard bathroom facilities Moving into a camper van  provides the opportunity to have an onboard bathroom. We had one in Mowgli the Unimog, and it didn’t take much getting used to.

Designing our camper van storage Aside from our clothes, kitchen equipment and electronics, we have a slender storage area at the back door for outdoor gear like our chairs, bbq and awning.

Build material choice We didn’t want to spend our travel budget on building the camper van so the only other choice was to build it ourselves.

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