The Basics, Design & Installation

Campervan Water Systems Explained

Most of us don’t worry about water at home.

We get a mains supply with enough pressure so when we turn a tap, fresh drinking water flows.

Having a supply of freshwater is key, so we need to be sure that we’re storing it and carrying a fresh supply at all times. That way, we can refill when we’re running low on water.

How much water do you need in a campervan?

As with most decisions in a campervan conversion, the design of the water system is full of compromises.

Campervan water system | The basics

In summary, a basic campervan water system is made up of a handful of components:

Campervan water tanks to store freshwater.

Greywater tank to collect used water.

Taps and/or shower.

Water pump to shift the water from the tanks to the taps.

Water Pumps

To get water flowing from the fresh water tanks to the taps, you’ll need a pump.

Manual pumps provide a budget friendly and easy installation option for a cold water set up.


12v water pumps switch on when they sense a drop in pressure, like when the taps are turned on.

An accumulator reduces how soon the pump switches on by acting as a pressure store.

We’ve provided a detailed campervan water system design diagram, walking you through each component and how to install it. Swipe up to learn more!