Furniture Modules to Kit Out a Van, Fast

DIY Campervan Conversion Kits

Converting a van into a camper takes a lot of accomplished DIY skills.

You’ll need to be a carpenter, metalworker, electrician and plumber. At times you’ll wish you were a magician!

If you have all of these skills in abundance, a conversion might be relatively straight forward.

Complete modular conversion kits Some companies provide complete conversion kits, often designed for specific vehicle models.

Weekend camping modules These pre-configured kits are designed for part time van lifers and shorter camping trips.

Utilities Conversion Kits Onboard amenities lift a van with a bed and some storage to a cozy home on wheels you can live in indefinitely if you want to.

Mains Hook Up Kit Though a well sized solar system means you can live off grid, it’s a luxury to have the opportunity to top up the batteries from mains power.

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