Electrics Explained 

This post is a complete introduction, providing a solid foundation so you can begin to spec, design and install your own DIY electrical system.

Design decisions will affect your van life so it’s vital to get the electric system right at an early stage.

Even if someone else is converting it, understanding the basics of campervan electrics will help you avoid under or over specifying the system.

Supply | Household supply is pretty much unlimited so you can use as much as you like. In a campervan, you need to manage the supply and battery levels yourself.

Voltage | The voltage delivered into a house is much greater than in a camper. At home, 240v or 110v of AC current allows a kettle of water to boil in a couple of minutes.

What Size Battery Do I Need? What size battery you need to meet expected use depends on the type of battery. Most batteries aren’t 100% efficient so don’t deliver 100% of their amp hours.

Campervan Battery Charging Without an effective means of replacing the energy used, campervan batteries will flatten.

Charging 12v Batteries from your Engine Vehicles have a 12v main starter battery fitted because they need energy to start the engine when you turn the ignition.

From Campervan Battery Charging to Charging 12v Batteries from your Engine, we got you covered! Read on the full guide on the site.