Campervan Heating Options | Keeping Your Van Warm In Winter

Choosing How to Heat your Campervan

– Do you Need a Campervan Heater? – The Size of your Camper – Fuel Options – Maintenance – Budget

Safety of Campervan Heaters

– Ensure the heater is installed correctly – Know how to operate the heater safely – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions – Avoid fire hazards

Building a Warm Campervan

– Insulation – Ventilation – Floor Coverings – Windows & Curtains – Campervan Bedding for Winter – Clothing

Diesel heaters for campervans (and now petrol too)

– Use the same fuel as the vehicle.  - Cheaper to operate. - Produces a steady stream of warm, dry air.  – Use external vent.

Propane Heaters for RVs

– In Europe, most have diesel heaters , the US more use propane heaters. – Propane heaters a mix of air and gas. – A 12v fan circulates the heat.

Electric Heaters for Campervans

– Electric heaters are the safest fuel source for heating campervans. – Electric heaters don't produce carbon monoxide poisoning.

RV Wood Stoves

– Wood burning stoves are a low carbon option . – They're also super cool looking and Insta-worthy. – Simple solution depending on where you travel.