Campervan Solar Panels 


Campervan travel and overlanding is becoming increasingly popular, whether for short term road trips or long term adventures.

Why we need camper van solar panels Harnessing the power of the sun lets you avoid the need for noisy, fuel hungry generators or paying electric hook up fees on campsites.

How do camper van solar panels work? Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. Each panel is made up of a bunch of photovoltaic cells. Each cell converts sunlight into electricity.

Choosing the right camper van solar panels You can charge your batteries from a hook up, wind power, generators and even your engine as well as solar panels.

In order to choose the right camper van solar panels for your van, calculate your expected power usage then match this with the panels.

Calculating your campervan power usage - Make a list of every electrical appliance & device you’ll carry in the van - Note how many amps each appliance uses

We calculate the power in amps because it helps to work out how much battery capacity you need. Batteries are sized in amps too so this makes sense.

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