The Basics, Design & Installation

Campervan Water Systems Explained

We get a mains supply with enough pressure so when we turn a tap, fresh drinking water flows.

Having a supply of fresh water is key, so we need to be sure that we’re storing it and carrying a fresh supply at all times. That way, we can refill when we’re running low on water.

In this post, we’ll cover everything to do with a campervan water system. We begin with the basics, consider how much water you need to carry, how to store and heat water. 

How much water do you need in a campervan? As with most decisions in a campervan conversion, the design of the water system is full of compromises.

Cost | Water tanks don’t come cheap so the more water you carry, the more it’ll cost to fit.

Space | Water takes up a fair amount of space. Each 100 litres of water needs 0.1 cubic metres of storage so you’ll need to get creative with where to fit the tanks.

Weight | Water is pretty heavy at 1 kg per liter. Vans have a gross vehicle weight and it’s not legal to exceed it.

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