Summer's Top Instant Pot Recipes for Camping

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When camping out in your RV and cooking for a group, DIY meals are the way to go. Mealtime should have an equal mix of convenience and enjoyment.

If you want the best of both worlds, why not bring an electric pressure cooker along for your next meal? Instant pot camping recipes are the key

Instant Pots are great for many dishes, such as soups, stews, and even rice dishes. They're also ideal for larger groups, so it saves you time and effort

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Honey garlic chicken thighs are filling, juicy, and flavorful, precisely what every camping meal should be. This is a recipe you'll find yourself craving,

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This mushroom risotto with pumpkin is a comforting dish that fills up your stomach and keeps you warm after a tiring day on your trip.

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Take your typical curry to the next level with this Thai red curry with chicken. It's a yummy dish that only needs a small number of ingredients


These teriyaki pulled pork bowls with Mandarin salsa are the perfect meal for you.


Don’t have an Instant Pot? Consider using some of these alternatives instead. Stovetop pressure cooker:

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If you’re the designated chef for your trip, you may want to take some more notes.