Navigating Uncharted Waters: A Look Into Life On A Cargo Ship

Before you can get to sail, you need to contact a shipping agent to arrange your passage.

 On a cargo vessel departure dates and times revolve around containers and freight carriers. Your actual sailing date could be 5 days either side.

 The First Day On A Freight Ship means;   getting in the dockyard, finding your ship,  being escorted onboard,  clearing Immigration  and having a safety brief.

 The Passengers’ Cabin is basic.  While small enough to take only a moment to walk around, it was big enough for 2.

Custom’s Declaration Forms. You need make a note of our personal belongings, but not on  your board refreshments

Meals Onboard A Cargo Ship. On your cargo ship travel adventure, mealtimes become the highlights of the day. Expect simple good food.

Beverages On Our Cargo Ship Travel Adventure? The saving grace? Wine is served during lunch and dinner while at sea. At the Captains discretion!

Recreation Facilities On A Cargo Ship? We can keep this short as there isn’t much to do onboard.

Engine Room and  Bridge Tours. The officers were happy to show us around and point out all the controls and  navigation systems

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