Cargo Ship Travel:  Passenger Life On A Cargo Ship


we had a hell of an experience as we sailed 14000 kilometres from Belgium to Uruguay. So what is passenger life onboard like? Well, this is how it went for us….

Belgium to Uruguay

Our cabin was on deck 12 and about the same height above the surface of the sea as a 9 floor building. While small enough to take only a moment to walk around, it was big enough for 2.

The Passengers’ Cabin

He demonstrated how to don our bulky orange life jackets but didn’t bother with the immersion suit because he says the Atlantic isn’t too cold.

Onboard Safety Briefing

We had our breakfast,lunch and dinner .Everything was like a 2-star hotel and food was really cooked!

Meals Onboard A Cargo Ship

We searched high and low for a wine bar, casino, cinema, moon pool, Michelin star eatery and spa.

Recreation Facilities On A Cargo Ship

There was a basic gym with a treadmill and exercise bike, weights and a ping pong table.

The Gym & Our Exercise Routine