Passenger Life Onboard

Cargo Ship Travel:

Cargo ship travel isn’t a common mode of transport for getting around the world these days, not for passengers at least. 

Our camper van Baloo had to sail across the Atlantic to be our home on our South American adventure.

I know it sounds crazy but we had a hell of an experience as we sailed 14000 kilometers from Belgium to Uruguay.

Clearing immigration in a sparse office a short, chubby, less than cheerful customs chappie told us the Grande Amburgo wasn’t due in for at least another 24 hours.

Joining a cargo ship as passengers Somehow we found our ship without injury to ourselves or Baloo. From the dockside, in the grey drizzle, the rust stained white and yellow ship loomed large above us.

The passengers’ cabin Our cabin was on deck 12 and about the same height above the surface of the sea as a 9 floor building. While small enough to take only a moment to walk around.

Before we set sail Sailing was delayed by 24 hours because Stevedores don’t work on Sundays.

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