Patagonia’s Spectacular Carretera Austral Road Trip

Keen to explore Chilean Patagonia but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together the perfect Carretera Austral road trip itinerary.

This part of Patagonia is unique to Chile. On a slither of landmass, it treats adventurers to a bonanza of sights

It is imposing, snow-capped mountains, staggering glaciers, remarkable volcanoes, unfathomable fjords, and rip-roaring rivers. 

The Carretera Austral was built to enable overland travel to all regions of Chile without the need to cross into Argentina.

Arrive in Puerto Montt Puerto Montt marks the northern entrance to the Carretera Austral and the journey to get there, the first part of your adventure.

By Air Internal flights in Chile are low-cost . Direct flights from Santiago to Puerto Montt take less than 2 hours and cost as little as US $50 return.

By Road Many independent travelers, ourselves included, explore Patagonia by road. You’ll either come from Santiago, the Chilean lake district or the Argentine lake district.

By Sea The journey takes 4 nights and sails through the spectacular Patagonian fjords, this isn’t a luxury cruise.

Adapting Your Carretera Austral Itinerary? Adapting Your Carretera Austral Itinerary? Swipe up for the full guide!