Charging a Leisure Battery Bank | RV Battery Charging

Charging a leisure battery bank in motorhomes, RVs, campervans and caravans is essential.

Without an effective means of replacing the energy used, the batteries will flatten. This post is an introduction to the 3 ways of charging a leisure battery bank.

Not only is it important to recharge them so you can continue to use them, but if left too deeply discharged for too long, their lifespan will shorten.

The leisure batteries we install in our campers aren’t the same as the starter battery under the hood.

Overview of Campervan Batteries Starter batteries are designed to provide a big burst of energy, fast and use as much as 20% of their total capacity per start.

How Does a Battery Get Charged? Some of that electrical store is used up by your camper’s 12v appliances. To replace the used energy, we need to recharge it.

3 Stage Battery Charging While all batteries have stages they go through to charge, these stages are slightly different between lead acid and lithium.

From Overview of Campervan Batteries to How Does a Battery Get Charged, we got you covered! Read the full guide, swipe up.