Charging a Leisure Battery Bank

Charging a leisure battery bank in motorhomes, RVs, campervans and caravans is essential.

Not only is it important to recharge them so you can continue to use them, but if left too deeply discharged for too long, their lifespan will shorten.

Some of that electrical store is used up by your camper’s 12v appliances. To replace the used energy, we need to recharge it.

While all batteries have stages they go through to charge, these stages are slightly different between lead acid and lithium.

The principle though is the same and the detailed charging profile of each battery indicates the greater differences.

Bulk Charge – the battery is low and will take as much current available to it (up to its maximum charge rate). 

Absorption Stage – the battery is so full at the end of the bulk charge phase, its resistance is quite high.

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