Chiloé Island: A Complete Guide

to Chile’s Magical Archipelago

Chiloé Archipelago is unlike anywhere else in Chile. A land of myths and legends, beaches, penguins, and churches. What a crazy mix!

Wild winds off the Pacific Ocean batter the west coast beaches, hemmed in by sand dunes and a rugged landscape home to feral Chilote ponies.

In this guide for travelers, we’ve shared everything you need to know to prepare for exploring Chiloé.

It’s packed with advice on when to go, how to get there, money matters, road conditions, what to see & do, and so much more.

Where Is Chiloé Island? Chiloé Island is a little over halfway down Chile’s Pacific coast and at the northern reaches of Chilean Patagonia.

What Can I See & Do In Chiloé? Positioned at the southern reaches of Chile’s Lake District, Chiloé surprises by being neither a blend or a carbon copy of either.

Chiloé Facts & Stats At A Glance Isla Grande de Chiloé is the largest island in the Archipelago and the second largest Chilean island, after Tierra del Fuego.

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