Debunking the Differences: Comparing Inverters and Converters

Choosing components for an RV electrical system can become confusing, converters, inverters, and inverter chargers. It’s enough to boggle the brain!

It doesn’t help when it’s common practice to use these terms interchangeably or use completely different names for them!

Batteries provide only DC power, If you can’t do without your AC coffee maker and TV, you’ll need AC power too.

Remember, AC appliances cannot run on DC power. So how can you use the coffee maker  You need to change the DC power from the batteries to AC power. It's called an Inverter

A 12v DC battery can’t be charged directly by AC power either.  you need a Convertor. You plug in to the AC socket. The energy is converted from AC to DC

Both inverters and converters transform voltage, but they do the opposite of each other.

That means getting 2 components One to convert or more specifically, to charge your battery and another to run your AC inverter

Dig deep enough into your pockets, and you could replace 2 components with a combined inverter charger.

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