DIY Campervan Conversion Kits

Furniture Modules to Kit Out a Van, Fast

Converting a van into a camper takes a lot of accomplished DIY skills.

You’ll need to be a carpenter, metalworker, electrician and plumber. At times you’ll wish you were a magician!

Easy fit furniture kits Our own Sprinter van conversion is built around an aluminium frame so we relied on our (Graham’s) metal working skills.

Complete modular conversion kits Some companies provide complete conversion kits, often designed for specific vehicle models.

Others offer pre configured modules you can mix ’n’ match, a bit like Ikea wardrobe systems.

The following companies are popular for these types of conversion kits: Wayfarer Vans Adventure Wagon ZENVANZ Contravans

If you’re considering going down this route with your build, have a list of question to ask the companies before making the final decision.

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