DIY Campervan Water Tanks for Van Conversions

The entire plumbing system needs to be built around them, so choosing the right tanks for your lifestyle at the design stage is crucial.

We’ll look at the different types of RV water tanks and things to consider when designing your van’s water system.

We’ll also provide a complete parts list for the different water tanks and show how to assemble them when fitting the tanks.

Fresh Water Tanks Fresh water tanks allow you to store usable water in your camper. You’ll use water for drinking, showering, washing up and even laundry.

Fixed Water Tanks Fixed water tanks provide a more permanent plumbing solution, so they are best for campervan conversions.

How Much Water to Carry To work out your daily use, consider how you’ll use water in your camper.

Fresh Water Tank Size Water tanks are sized in capacity as well as their overall dimensions.

From Types of Fresh Water Tank to Campervan Water Tank Level Indicator, we got you covered! Swipe up for the guide.