Driving in Morocco | All you need to know

So you’ve decided to take a road trip in Morocco but you’ve heard driving on Moroccan roads is a nightmare.

You’re on holiday so why take the chance and add stress to your journey? Driving around Morocco is the best way to travel.

We’ll cover the cities and motorways in this article and follow it up shortly with a post about driving in Morocco’s rural areas and Atlas mountains.

Driving in Marrakech or any Moroccan city Moroccan cities are densely populated and the roads are busy.

Honking When you drive off the ferry and onto the Moroccan roads for the first time, the noise of the car horns might terrify less than confident drivers.

Road conditions The road conditions in the cities are good, if a little dusty. Watch out for the occasional missing drain cover in the curbside gutter.

Expect the unexpected Not all Moroccan drivers follow the official rules of the road so expect the unexpected.

From Driving in Marrakech or any Moroccan city to Parking in Moroccan towns and cities, we got you covered! Swipe up for the guide.