Electrical Calculators for

Campervan Conversions

The most important aspect of creating the perfect campervan electrical design is getting the size right.

How many batteries do I need? What type of battery do I need? How much battery do I need to run my fridge?

Fortunately we have a collection of electrical calculators for campervan conversions and RV owners to help!

Ready to learn more about the Electrical Calculators for Campervan Conversions? Let's get started!

RV Solar Calculator for Off Grid Living This is a one stop shop to calculate your total RV solar system.

Inverter Calculator | Sizing AC Load in an Electrical System If you intend to use any AC appliances powered by your batteries, you need an inverter.

Solar Battery Bank Calculator This will help you estimate your total daily power usage and the minimum size batteries needed to meet that demand.

From RV Solar Calculator for Off Grid Living to Solar Battery Bank Calculator, we got you covered! Swipe up for the full guide.