Get Ready for Adventures With Renogy's Rego 60A DC to DC Charger

This device will keep all your batteries charged wherever you drive

Planning to go on an adventure?

This bidirectional charger can charge your starter and house battery while driving.

Keep that battery full of energy

The Rego is set to become the go-to choice for powering up on the move.

With its advanced design,

The bidirectional feature of this DC to DC charger means you get maximum usage out of your solar panel setup.

Maximize your  efficiency

It’s got a solid, durable metal case with large cooling vents to assist ventilation and cooling.

Ready For Anything:

It’s mounted to a vertical wall with four screws. Plus, the Anderson cables mean setting up is a matter of plug & play.

Easy to Install

Cut-off & cut in-parameters are low, meaning more protection for the starter battery.

Battery Protection

Suitable for any battery bank size. Lithiums and lead-acid batteries.

Battery Choices

over & under voltage protection, over-temperature protection,  short-circuit warnings,

Industry-leading technology

you can monitor your charging status easily with the Bluetooth module and Renogy DC Home App.

Bluetooth enabled

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