Exploring Puerto Rio Tranquilo in Patagonia

Impossible to see from the shore, this coastline is the location of Patagonia’s most dazzling highlight, the Marble Caves.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to plan your visit, including how to get to the Marble Caves and their less-visited neighbors.

What Are The Marble Caves & How Were They Formed? The rocks surrounding Lago General Carrera consist mainly of calcium carbonate, otherwise known as marble.

The Marble Caves are accessible from a small village, Puerto Rio Tranquilo, in Chile’s Aysén region, right on the infamous Ruta 7.

Best Time To Visit The Marble Caves December to February is the most popular because it’s summer in the southern hemisphere.

Because the western coastline of Lago General Carrera is lined with cliffs, the only way to see the Marble Caves is from the water.

Independent Boat Tours They all appear to charge the same rate, and there’s usually plenty of availability.

Touring the Marble Caves in a kayak provides the opportunity to spend more time there and get to parts of the tunnels the boat trips can’t reach.

What Are The Marble Caves & How Were They Formed? Where Are The Marble Caves of Patagonia? Swipe up for the full guide!