Top tips on fastest way to cool rv refrigerator

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You’ve been planning your RV summer vacation for months. Cooling your RV refrigerator quickly, meams you get on your adventure earlier!

It also gives you plenty of time to move food over or make sure any food you buy can be stored properly.

Make sure your camper’s refrigerator is empty before you start to cool it. You don’t want to start by filling it with items running below the optimal refrigerator temperature

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The only exception to emptying items is adding   bags of ice inside. It actually contributes to the cooling process.

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Purchase an RV fridge fan. They help move the air on the inside of the fridge, leading to shorter cooling times.

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Level Your RV Gravity has a major impact on the operations of your RV fridge,


Keep in mind that the fridges rely heavily on airflow to keep cool. Do not block airflow by packing the fridge too full


Make sure you give your fridge at least 24 hours to cool before you leave.  You should not stock your shelves until right before you leave.

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Keep RV Refrigerators Door Closed You lose a decent amount of cool air each time your RV fridge door opens,