Find the perfect RV grill for your next road trip

There are three main types of portable grills available, differentiated by their fuel source.

Propane gas grills are some of the most common because they’re straightforward for RV users to operate.

Charcoal grills are for those who love that authentic BBQ flavor,  adding a smoky taste to your burgers.

Electric grills are by far the easiest to use – as long as you have an electric hook-up, you can just plug them in, and you’re ready to cook.

There are a few key things you should be looking for when choosing your portable grill. Of course, you’ll first want to decide on the correct fuel type,

The grill dimensions are important because you need to find the right balance between the storage space needed and the cooking space they offer.

The actual grill material makes a difference in how sturdy your grill is and how easy it is to clean once you’re finished using it.

Most of the best portable grill for RV campers use propane, just because it’s an easy fuel to use and it’s quick to clean up.

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