Forget Flying: Traveling  by Cargo Ship is the best Adventure

Cargo takes priority on a cargo vessel so departure dates and times revolve around containers, vehicles and freight carriers. You need to be flexible

These Cargo Ships are a 13 deck container and car park, with space for 3600 cars,  hundred containers and a couple of small passengers. When you first join your ship find the deck officer.


Cabins are functional, clean, maybe a drab; With an  ensuite, single bunks, often the bed linen and towels are well worn and washed. A cabin steward is on hand to look after you.

As passengers, get used to delays and ever changing schedules. Cargo loading and cost savings on running the ship have a daily impact.  So just relax and enjoy the experience.


As soon as you join, you will attend an Onboard Safety Briefing on how to don your bulky orange life jackets, actions in event of fire or flood


Cargo ship travel is an gastronomic adventure, depending on the nationality of the chef. Mealtimes are the highlights of the day. The food is not fine dining, but good wholesome  and plentiful .  



Depending on the Captain's rules,  Wine  might be served during lunch and dinner while at sea.


Unlike cruise liners, there isn’t much to do onboard.  The officers mess might have  several boxes of scrabble, monopoly, draughts and jigsaws. So bring some good books, there is no wifi!

For exercise, walk the upper deck and watch for wild life

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One day you’ll tell your grandchildren about your cargo ship travel adventure across the Ocean to explore distant lands.