Gear Up For The Open Road With These 43 Time-Tested Van Life Hacks

What Are Van Life Hacks? They are basically shortcuts, ways of making some basic tasks quicker or easier.

And we all know that the skills and tricks of van-life living can make life on the road a lot easier.

 1. Buy A Campervan With Windows Living inside a camper van without any windows can feel claustrophobic.

2.  Get An Easy Repair Camper Van Inevitably, you’ll experience some problems with your campervan.

3.  Choose A Van Popular In The Places You Plan To Travel The more likely you’ll find affordable parts and mechanics.

Buy A Van Big Enough To Accommodate All Occupants Size matters.

6. Choose A Van You Can Stand Up In A high-top is a simple luxury compared to a low-top van.

7. Buy A Left-Hand Drive Camper Van Most countries drive on the right.

8. Calculate Your Campervan Electrical Needs It’s surprising how much energy we need just to charge a smartphone, never mind a laptop, camera battery, and fridge!

 Everything Has A Place To help stay organized, only pack what you absolutely need.

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