Get the Lights On in Your Camper - An Introductory Guide to Camper Van Wiring!

Just bought a Camper Van?

Time to get the electricity flowing! Start with this beginner's guide to wiring.

It doesn't have to be complicated

all you need is the right info and some patience.

The basics

Let's start with understanding basic electricity so you can wire confidently.

Wire types

Choosing the right type of wire for your camper van is crucial for safety and performance.

Wire Gauge

Decide what gauge of wire fits your needs & budget, plus research different types!


Got your wires ready? Now it's time to safely connect them in your camper van.


 take it one step at a time, double-check before connecting and stay safe!

Light On!

 Time to switch on the lights and plug in appliances! Celebrate with a cup of tea

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