Get Your Batteries Charging with a Split Charge Relay

Split charging means charging both the campervan’s starter battery and house batteries at the same time from the same charging source.

Charging leisure batteries from the engine using a split charging system ONLY works for AGM & GEL batteries

If you have Lithium Batteries or smart alternator, it won't work.

Once the starter battery is charged, the work of the alternator is mostly done. Any excess electricity generated goes to house battery

With the engine on, the split charge relay uses a 12v supply, which makes the connect between starter and leisure battery bank.

When the engine is off, the relay loses its power supply. The circuit is opened, isolating the batteries from each other.

Because it’s simple, a split charge relay doesn’t have many component parts. With less things to go wrong, they’re pretty reliable and cheap!

A VSR is often called a smart relay or an intelligent split charge relay and is the most popular split charging method

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