How Do I Calculate What Size Wire I Need?

Why is it Important to Use the Proper Wire Size?

– Wire Length – Temperature – High Current Components

Circuit Components

– Switches – Fusing – Relays

Factors Affecting Wire Size

– Fuse size – System voltage – Type of insulation – Acceptable voltage drop – Circuit length

Fuse Size

As the current draw of your device increases, so does the size of the fuse you'll need

System voltage

The higher the voltage, the thinner the wire you'll need without voltage drop

Type of insulation

The type of insulation on your wire will affect the current rating and maximum temperature

Acceptable voltage drop

If you have a long wire run or are using high-powered components, you may need to increase the size of your wire to avoid voltage drop

Circuit length

The further the electricity has to travel, the more resistance it encounters, and the larger the wire you'll need

Use This Super Quick Wire Size Calculator