How does a RV Cassette toilet work ? 

While some people are pretty happy managing with the great outdoors, others want a cassette camping toilet they can use in their RV.

Camping, Van Life & RV living is fun, but there's not always a discrete tree. 

Let's face it, when you got to go, you got to go.

How Does a Cassette Toilet Work?

A cassette toilet works in much the same way as any other portable chemical toilet.

Cassette toilets for campers

You’ve got an upper tank that you fill with water and a wastewater tank that you add chemicals to!

What is a cassette toilet?

Once you’ve used and flushed it with clean water, the waste goes into the lower tank (the cassette) - where the chemicals break it down.

NO,  It's not   this nice!

The standout advantage of an RV cassette toilet

Because the cassette waste tank is portable, you’re not dependent on finding a dump station, you can empty it in a regular toilet.

Retrofit with a SOG unit and make a toilet that doesn’t smell. And now will need less harsh chemicals.

While cassette toilets aren’t eco-friendly by default,

Best cassette toilet features

Cassette toilets come in different sizes  Cassette toilets work with a manual pump flush or battery Fill indicators let you know when the cassette is full.

Cassette Toilet Chemicals

Blue is the standard chemical.   Green is an alternative free from formaldehyde.    Pink but these aren’t for the waste tank only the flush tank.

Toilet Paper Disposal?

Buy quick-dissolving paper designed to break down faster. Or use a separate bin

Portable cassette toilets for campers

The best cassette toilets are comfortable and easy to use. Find one that’s a good size for you, and be careful when you empty it.