How much does van life cost?

How much does van life cost? How can you afford to live in a van and travel? Is living in a van expensive?

Living in a van is a world away from living in a house or apartment. You may not even know what costs you might incur, let alone how to work out how much to budget for them.

What this post does cover is set up costs of buying a van to live in and how conversion choices can impact long term monthly living costs.

How much does a van cost? The initial investment of buying a van can be as little or as great as you’re willing or able to spend.

Buying a pre-loved camper van? The price depends on where you buy, the conditions of the base vehicle and the comfort level and van build quality of the onboard amenities.

Buying a van for conversion The main advantage is having a bespoke conversion on a vehicle model of choice. 

Van repairs & maintenance Keeping on top of your vehicle maintenance will help avoid unnecessary breakdowns that could result in unwanted mechanic bills.

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