How to Build

a DIY Camper

Undertaking a camper van conversion is a mammoth project. We know! We spent 2500 hours converting ours!

Whether you’re preparing to live in a van full time, or a long road trip, converting a van to a camper is a perfect way to go.

We started our overland adventures with short trips in Land Rovers and Land Cruisers with rooftop tents.

We bought our first campervan, Mowgli the Unimog. Mowgli was a used camper, pre-loved, and ready to roll.

Camper van conversion companies might be the best way to get your build done if you don’t have the time or skills needed for a DIY project.

Rather than design and build your furniture, simply order a conversion kit. It’ll arrive flat packed ready for you to install.

If you have the skills and time, converting a van into a camper yourself will undoubtedly save you money.

The Best Van to Live In

Once you’ve bought the van and made it your home, there’s no going back. Well, not unless you sell it and start over.

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