How to Calculate the Right Amount of Solar Power for Your RV

Determining how much solar power you need for your RV may seem daunting, but it’s essential for successful boondocking and off-the-grid adventures.

With solar energy becoming more and more accessible, there’s never been a better time to explore eco-friendly and sustainable ways of powering your RV.

calculate your daily energy consumption by adding up the wattage of all AC and DC appliances and devices you use daily.


Once you know how much energy you need per day, you can determine what size solar panel array. You will need enough solar panels to generate at least that amount. of energy.


Your geographical location and time of year can significantly impact how much energy your solar panels can produce. This is because solar panels rely on sunlight to generate electricity,



The sun falling on your solar panels affects how much energy they can harvest. Because the sun’s position in the sky varies throughout the year.

Armed with: your power consumption, – the sun hours for your travel locations, and – the solar charge controller,  you can calculate how many solar panels you need.

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The total expected load is used as the basis for every other component of your electrical system, from batteries to solar panels and everything in between.