Building your dream camper  using a conversion company

How to Choose a Camper Van Conversion Company

This is a sizable investment to get right

No Hassle  The bulk of your work lies in deciding on a company to work with and hashing out the design with the build team.

High Quality and Experience Even if you can build a DIY conversion, the odds are that you do not have years of experience they will have

Quality Products

They will often work with higher quality products to save time and warranty issues later

No Need to Shop Around  Wrapped up in that convenience is having all your needs met in the same place.

Easier to insure Most insurance companies have no problem covering a vehicle when professionals do the conversion.



The bulk of the price when using a camper van conversion company revolves around labor. 

You need deep pockets

Limited Van Model Choices 

Most conversion companies only work with popular van models like the: – RAM ProMaster – Mercedes Sprinter – Ford Transit

conversion company often limits you to making repairs or modifications with that company or an affiliate.

Harder to Fix or Modify

 12 Van Conversion Companies to Build Your Dream Camper  

They may even have stock available today!