How to Choose  the  Best Van  for a Camper  Conversion

Choosing the best van for a camper conversion can get tricky. It’s a critical decision to a successful build and how the van works for you. It needs to suit your living needs, travel style and budget too.

Whether you want to live in a van for financial reasons, weekend getaways or campervan travels around the world, choosing the perfect home on wheels is the first big decision towards your new van life.

In this post, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider to help you decide the best van for your camper conversion. We’ll help you to think about your van lifestyle so you can identify the type of vehicle you need.



Size matters

Even if you only plan to use the van for weekend trips and not live in it full-time, if you don’t get the best size van for you, your van life may fall a little flat.



Vehicle capability

Think about how you’ll use the vehicle and the terrain you’ll encounter on your campervan travels. Do you intend to drive off road or will your wheels remain on black top roads?


Don’t be put off by the age of the van alone but take it into consideration when looking over its condition and mileage.


Do you want access to the living area from the driving cab? This is a great security feature meaning you can keep the van locked and drive away without getting out of the van.

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