How To Dewinterize Your RV For Spring Road Trips

1. Inspect The Camper’s Exterior

– Look for rust – Check animal nesting – Check hitch for or corrosion. – Inspect all vents,

2. Check & Inflate RV Tires

After a while in storage, RV tires will lose pressure and become deflated.

3. Basic RV Mechanical Checks

Engine oil and oil filter, Lights, tires, bodywork, and exhausts, Brakes and steering, Fluid and coolant levels.

4. Test All RV Safety Devices

Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Fire Extinguishers

5. Dewinterize The RV Electrical System

Check Everything Is Dry, Reinstall RV Batteries,  Charge RV Batteries, Test Appliances & Replace Fuses

6. Inspect The Camper’s Interior

After a long winter, it’s important to inspect your RV interior and make sure everything is in order.

7. How To Dewinterize RV Water System

 Remove Antifreeze From The Water System, Sanitize The Water System, Fill Your Water Tanks

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How To Dewinterize