How to Install Shore Power

in a DIY Camper

This post takes you through everything you need to know about installing shore power in your campervan.

An RV electrical hookup is a perfect way of recharging leisure batteries and powering household appliances.

What is RV Shore Power? RV shore power, often referred to as a campervan hookup, is when you plug your RV or campervan into the AC electrical grid or mains supply. 

It’s called shore power as it’s commonly used for ships and boats when they need a power supply or to recharge their batteries in a marina or harbour.

Do I Need Shore Power in my Campervan? if you want to run an air conditioning unit, power-hungry microwave or even a washing machine, shore power is the answer.

How Does Electrical Hookup Work? In the most simple terms, the diagram below shows how an installed hookup system hangs together.

Components for Campervan Shore Power There are a few components needed to install and use an electrical hookup in a camper.

AC Power Pedestal / Mains Supply

It’s important to know what voltage the mains supply is on, depending on where in the world you are. 

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