How to Make Money Living in a Van

While living on the road is typically cheaper than maintaining a traditional household, it’s not free.

Check out our tips for how to make money living on the road, and you may find that you can travel longer and farther now that you have ways to bring in some cash.

For many van campers, making money on the road is easiest with a computer and internet connection.

Start a Blog One method for making money on the road, without having to maintain regular office hours, is to start your own blog.

Create a YouTube Channel If you’re not much for writing, you can create YouTube videos instead. For this van life job, you really only need a camera, a laptop, and a great backdrop.

Become a Copywriter Like the idea of writing but don’t want to manage your own website? Become a copywriter instead.

Write an Ebook or Novel If you prefer long-form or creative writing, writing an ebook or novel is another idea for making a living while RVing.

From Online Gigs for Making Money on the Road to Offline Opportunities for Making a Living While RVing, we got you covered. Swipe up!