Parkas, layers & swimsuits

How to pack for an Antarctic Cruise

You might think you need a suitcase the size of a small truck but you’d be surprised. Here’s how to pack for an Antarctic cruise and avoid excess baggage fees.

Antarctica packing tips Travel light Most ships have a laundry onboard though so you don’t need to pack 22 evening outfits.

Leave your ball gowns and dinner jackets at home Most days will be spent layered up outdoors. In the evenings and on sea days, the dress code is casual.

It’s not as cold as you might think The Antarctica cruise season runs during the Austral spring and summer. Temperatures usually hover around 0°C or 32°F.

Don’t forget your travel insurance At the mercy of the weather, delays can be long so it’s vital to purchase an Antarctica travel insurance policy that covers you for the worst. 

Here’s the complete essential Antarctica packing list to get you off to a flying start.

The best luggage for the Antarctica

- Soft duffel bag - Dry bag

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