How to spend one day

in Hamburg

Hamburg keeps building itself back up and remains known as the gateway to the world.

Today, Hamburg is touted as Germany’s hip 2nd city, so when the Captain of the Grande Amburgo gave us shore leave, we couldn’t wait to spend a few hours exploring.

Here’s how we spent one day in Hamburg with a few hints and tips for you too. Read on for the full guide.

Soaking up the sun at Alster Lake No sooner had we arrived in central Hamburg, than we headed straight to the park or rather, a large lake.

Checking out the local architecture at Rathhaus Rathausmarkt is one of Hamburg’s main squares and the towering clock of the town hall looms tall over it.

Visit St. Nikolai Memorial This is one of the oldest building still standing in Hamburg. Much of the city is more modern with slick lines, glass façades and impressive designs.

Chilling out in the park around Michel Considered one of the finest Hanseatic churches in this Baroque style, St Michel’s church is surrounded by an open park.

A stroll along Reeperbahn Street life abound, there’s no end of interesting sights along Reeperbahn and its back streets.

From Travel tips for Hamburg to A stroll along Reeperbahn, we got you covered! Read on the full guide on the site.