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How to Survive Living In A Camper The Coldest Winter

1. Get a camper with insulation

Make sure to get a camper with good insulation in the walls, floors, and ceilings.

2. Insulate the underbelly with RV skirting

This will help keep the heat in and the cold out.

3. Stop condensation forming in your RV

Use a space heater to help circulate the air and prevent condensation from forming.

4. Keep the camper warm all the time

If you can, keep the heat on at all times. this is more energy efficient than turning the heating on and off.

5. Install a solar panel system

 A solar panel system can help you keep the batteries charged and the lights on.

6. Protect the Water Supply from Freezing

Insulate the water lines and tanks to prevent them from freezing.

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