How to Survive Small Space Living

with Your Partner

We’ve all heard about bijou apartments the size of a small walk-in wardrobe in big cities where space comes at a costly premium.

More and more people are living in tiny spaces and if they’re lucky they’ll have room for a chopping board as well as a kettle in their kitchenette.

It all sounds a bit extreme but we too live in a tiny space. 97 square feet to be precise. (I did say it was tiny!)

Here are our top tips for how to survive small space living with your partner without going crazy or killing each other.

Get into an arrivals habit. Have a home for the things you bring in with you and put them away as soon as you enter.

Become OCD (almost) Make sure everything has a place and that you both know where that place is.

Have your own storage space. It doesn’t have to be huge but having a small box or drawer that is exclusively yours to do with as you like gives you a sense of having your own space.

From get into an arrivals habit, become OCD (almost) to have your own storage space, we got all the tips for you! Swipe up for the full guide.