How to Use a Digital Multimeter

The Champion of the Campervan Electrical Toolkit

A multimeter is one of the most useful tools in an RV or campervan toolkit.

When installing a campervan electrical system, you’ll use the handy tool all the time. You’ll test your solar panel’s output, battery levels, cable continuity, and much more.

Even once your van conversion is complete, the multimeter is the first tool to reach for when you experience electrical problems on the road.

What is a Multimeter? A multimeter is a battery-operated, handheld device capable of taking multiple electrical measurements, hence its name.

Why You Need a Multimeter in Your RV Toolkit Campervan electrical problems aren’t great, but they are par for the course. Appliances can breakdown.

Check if a campground’s pedestal is working. If you’ve hooked up, but the battery bank isn’t charging, use the multimeter to check if the outlet provides any voltage.

Confirm what voltage a campground’s hookup is supplying. Some countries supply both 110v or 240v, and you need to use the appropriate voltage for your setup.

Using a multimeter volt reading is useful to see if the fuse is blown without removing it to check visibly.

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