Van Life Laundry | How to Wash Clothes in a Campervan

We’re often asked how we manage to cook in the van. How do we wash clothes?

There are indeed a few challenges to keeping our clothes clean while living in a van full-time, but we have a few tips and tricks to make van life laundry a breeze.

Washing clothes uses a lot of water, so relying on a camper van's water system would deplete the freshwater supply rapidly.

Space is precious in a campervan, and unless you own a huge RV or overland truck, you probably don’t have room for a standard size washer.

The best way to deal with van life laundry is to reduce how often you need to wash your clothes. And it’s way more environmentally friendly too.

Never put anything damp or wet into your dirty laundry bag, or it will smell and go mouldy quickly, affecting everything else in the bag at the same time. 

Doing laundry at a laundrette is our number 1 option when it comes to washing our clothes. Most places have a laundromat of some sort.

From Van Life Challenges Of Doing Laundry to Use A Laundromat Or Laundrette, we have all these tips lined up for you! Swipe up!