How to Winterize a Camper

Antifreeze, Air & Water Lines

This post provides a step by step guide on how to winterize your camper van.

As the nights draw in and autumnal hues give way to bare branches and grey skies, it’s a sure sign winter is on the horizon.

We’ll cover off what it means to winterize an RV and what you need to get the job done so you can return in spring, ready to hit the road once more.

Leaving an RV in storage during cold, wet wintery conditions could spell trouble unless it’s been prepared properly.

Frozen water lines could crack and burst, causing untold damage to heating components and the plumbing system, potentially flooding the interior.

RV Winterizing Kit There are a few accessories you need to complete the task of preparing a camper for winter storage.

RV Winterizing Checklist Unpack the Camper Ensure any items you leave in the van over winter can’t be damaged if exposed to extreme cold.

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