How To Winterize An RV Camper For Maximum Protection

1. Add a layer of insulation to the roof

Adding a layer of insulation to the roof is important for winterizing your RV camper because it will help keep you warm.

2. Cover the windows with plastic

Will help keep the warmth inside and prevent any cold air from getting in.

3. Install weather stripping around doors and windows

This is another way to help keep the cold air out and the warmth inside.

4. Disconnect and store hoses

Disconnecting and storing hoses is important because if they are left connected, they can freeze and burst.

5. Drain water heater and pipes -  add antifreeze to drains

Draining the water heater and pipes is important because if there is any water left in them, it can freeze and expand, causing damage.

6. Cover the RV with a tarp or RV cover

This will help protect the RV from the elements and keep it in good condition.

7. Store RV in a covered area

Preferably a garage or shed

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