Electrical System

How to Wire your Camper Van

A campervan electrical system is the lifeline to van living. With the right set up for your needs, off grid living can become a reality.

The need to recharge batteries at expensive campsites dwindles, allowing you to take advantage of wild camping with glorious views and still chill a beer or two. 

The electrical system isn’t just about getting the right batteries and fitting a few solar panels on your roof.

Having figured out how you’ll charge your batteries and bought your campervan appliances, it’s time to get it all installed and whirring. 

Parts of a campervan electrical system To help explain this, here’s a simplified diagram of an electrical circuit with each component marked.

Switches | A switch allows the circuit to be opened and closed. When the switch is closed, the circuit is complete and electricity flows

DC circuits With a limited amount of stored energy, they do best powering low voltage appliances, even when recharged by solar and main power.

From Ring main v dedicated circuit to Power source – campervan batteries, we got you covered! Swipe up for the full guide.