1 week Netherlands road trip itinerary

The Netherlands is far more than Amsterdam, canals and museums.

Venture around the country by road and you’ll discover picture postcard villages, modern bridges spanning 5 kilometers.

Our Netherlands road trip itinerary lasted a little over a week and we loved every minute of it. Perfect if you can only spare a week or two.

The Netherlands is a relatively small size so it’s easy to see a lot of the country in a short space of time and without too many hours of driving.

Planning tips for your Netherlands road trip The Netherlands is located in northern Europe surrounded by Belgium, Germany and the North Sea.

Hiring a car or camper van in the Netherlands While we drive our own vehicle, we appreciate that many people will fly into Europe and hire a car.

Tips for driving in the Netherlands The Netherlands is perhaps the easiest country in Europe to drive. It’s orderly and road users drive under the speed limit.

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