How To Install An Inverter In An RV

RV Inverter Installation Methods

- Cigarette lighter inverter   installation  - Direct to the battery bank  - Direct to AC distribution   box

Cigarette Lighter Inverter Installation

Installing inverters using the cigarette lighter may be ok for car camping, but for longer-term RV living, they’re  not a viable solution.

How To Install An RV Inverter Direct To The Camper’s Battery

The primary purpose of an inverter is to power AC appliances when you’re boondocking and have no access to a mains electrical supply.

Using An Extension Cord With An Inverter

Instead of connecting AC appliances to the inverter’s outlets, you could use an extension cord.

Connecting An Inverter To AC Receptacles / Sockets

Installing inverter wiring to fitted outlets means connecting your appliances to those sockets instead of the inverter or extension cable.

How To Install The RV Inverter’s Remote Switch

Remote switches are compatible with some inverters. They’re handy if you’ve installed an inverter in a hard-to-reach position.